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My brain is dry. The words that normally twist and wind like a river through my mind have deserted me. I think they might be slightly offended by my blatant neglect and have left me with blank thoughts and little creativity. I will try to coax them home with a cup of vegan Mexican hot chocolate, an apology for being too preoccupied with the state of the union, and a promise to be more diligent with my writing.

Vegan Mexican Hot Chocolate

Nestle’s Abuelita Mexican chocolate (vegan by default and available in the Mexican Food section of most grocery stores.)
Dash of cayenne pepper

Heat up one and a half cups of soymilk and a third of a round of chocolate in a small sauce pan. Whisk together until milk is thoroughly heated and the chocolate is melted. Add in a miniscule dash of cayenne pepper for a little extra spice. Give a little shout out to your creative muses, drink it all and immediately start thinking about another cup.


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