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Frosting leftovers

This week I had a container full of homemade coconut butter cream frosting languishing in the fridge leftover from the most patriotic act I have ever partook. Sure, I care about politics, but I have never been particularly patriotic. In fact, I have been known to be somewhat caustic and cynical when comes to the state of our country. But something about that Obama guy has me feeling all hopeful and proud. Anyway, on Tuesday night in honor of our new President, we threw an inauguration party, and I made homemade vanilla cupcakes and topped them with blueberries and strawberries and coconut frosting in an attempt to make a replica of the American flag (yes, I forgot to take a picture.) I was inspired by this crazy cupcake decorating book called hello, cupcake! that Scott got me for my birthday. And while the flag in their book was styled professionally and looked beautiful, mine was a pathetic smattering of out-of-season fruit thrown onto the cupcakes in a manic attempt to get dessert decorated in five minutes.

Not wanting to waste good frosting and not feeling like consuming another batch of cupcakes, I figured I could use it on something else, or eat it straight out of the container like my mother-in-law. But really, I am not big on eating frosting with a spoon. I flashed on a distinct, not-so-good memory as a kid eating red frosting on saltine crackers with my sister and quickly decided that there are infinitely better ways to consume frosting. Though my mother-in-law may beg to differ, frosting really needs to be cut with something like cake or black coffee—preferably both at the same time.

So last night after dinner, Scott challenged me to make vegan cinnamon rolls. A true quest since I have always shied away from making anything that involves active yeast. For some reason, yeast mystifies me. Anything that requires some kind of chemical reaction, bacteria and the careful following of steps is bound to throw me off. Yeah sure, baking is science but adding yeast to the mix takes it all to a whole new level. But I had wanted to make cinnamon rolls for a long time and wasting good frosting is criminal so I got to work.

After mixing all the ingredients together and meticulously following the directions, I waited for my dough to rise. And I waited, and waited. Yes, the yeast was active, I could see some puffiness, but as I wrapped my scarf around my neck for the umpteenth time, I decided that we kept our house too cold during the winter to be expecting dough to rise.

What’s a baker to do? Kick up the heat? Or clear off space in the laundry room in hopes that the heat from the washer and dryer warms up the dough? I cheaply chose the latter, because that is just how I am. For some reason, I couldn’t justify turning the heat up a measly three degrees to get the place warm enough to activate my sluggish yeast.

In an attempt to be somewhat sanitary, I pushed aside the laundry soap and made room next to the random hair clips, rocks, coins and shreds of tissues fished out of pockets and the lint collector to make room on top of the dryer for my cookie sheet. I just needed to make sure that the whole thing didn’t shake to the floor while the washer jumped its way through the spin cycle.

While my pretty pinwheels did grow some while sitting in the laundry room, my dough never really got to a yeasty out of control mass of dough begging to be punched down. I guess that means I still have something to strive for, but that said, for a first batch of cinnamon rolls, mine were pretty good. I smeared them with the coconut butter cream frosting and fed them to my favorite people, and we sat at the dining room table, unraveled the gooey rolls and dunked them into hot cups of fresh coffee.

I am going to hold off on posting a recipe for vegan cinnamon rolls. While these were tasty, they don’t quite measure up to Cinnabon status just yet.


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