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Food cravings have taken control of my brain. Vegan cinnamon rolls, vegan fried chicken with gravy, fried okra and mashed potatoes, veggie chicken taquitos. A random combination of flavors, I know. But ever since I discovered some new vegan restaurants, my taste buds have consumed my mind with flavor desires, and now I have food needs that won’t.go.away.

I love Davis. I could easily clog your ears with my endless list about what makes Davis great–the parks, engaged community, Farmer’s Market, trees, Delta breeze, proximity to the Bay Area and mountains, the way the hot air balloons drift across the farmlands early in the morning. I’ll stop there, because my taste buds are perturbed that I am not talking about their food cravings. They want instant gratification food, and unfortunately, I can’t always get that in Davis. If the buds want green curry or spinach and fried tofu smothered in a panang sauce, then Davis (with seven Thai restaurants to choose from and an eighth on the way) is my place. Our friendly neighbor Sacramento has a few standout vegan restaurants, including a great little vegan food cart in downtown called the Happy Go Lucky Veggie Cuisine parked on the corner of I & 8th, and my favorite Vietnamese place, Andy Nguyen’s. I do wish the options in Sac were more prolific–enough at least to tame my demanding taste buds and the beast that is my stomach. Sometimes, for self-preservation’s sake, I have to head west.

Which leads me to ask the question, when did the vegans begin the revolution to take over Bay Area dining? I know they were lurking about back in the early 2000s with a menu item here and a restaurant tucked away there. But in the last five years, the five years since we’ve moved, there has been some kind of creative vegan food explosion. VegNews magazine just reported in their July/August 2010 10th Anniversary edition that there are 15! vegan restaurants in San Francisco alone, which I don’t think even counts the fabulous recent additions in the East Bay. Thankful I am, but crazy jealous as well. Why can’t I have such a plethora of options a mere one hour east?

A trip to the Bay Area has now become a strategic event involving gastrointestinal timing and deliberate restaurant planning. The food negotiations with my hubby begin about 24 hours before we leave for the in-law’s house and commence somewhere in the middle of the Caldecott tunnel. He wants Ethiopian, always. I want tempura sushi from Cha-Ya, Indian curry pizza from Zante’s, creamy brussels sprout gratin from Gracias Madre,  and a sundae from Maggie Mudd. Do we stay in the East Bay, or do we cross the bridge into the city? There are too many meals to consume and not enough time for digestion, not to mention that I have to forgo eating at my favorite places listed above in order to try out the new places. How many calories do we get to eat in a day? Not enough to handle my Bay Area eating marathons. If you vegan chefs could just spill over into Davis, a cool college town with good eaters and a great farmer’s market, my taste buds and I would be so happy.

I still have a week to go before I get to drive to the Bay to finally try Cinnaholic’s cinnamon rolls and visit Souley Vegan for vegan fried chicken (*Sigh.* Two months later, and I still haven’t dealt with that craving.) Until then, the taste buds are just going to have to be satisfied with homemade chocolate cupcakes.


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